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A little about FOFF

Our main product on this site is our FOFF LOCKS. But we have so much fun in our shop and like making some motorcycle products for ourselves and we would love to share. Proud to say that all products are made right here in Ontario Canada. From our Fantastic FOFF LOCKS to our Crazy Cool Lithophanes, and Acrylic laser cut LED products. That being said, if you have any custom inquiries, please contact us. Keep coming back for more FOFF products.


More about FOFF LOCKS

FOFF LOCKS have another great function besides being a theft deterrent for your motorcycle, it also acts as a parking brake on a sloped driveway, roadway or on your motorcycle trailer.

Storing your bike through the winter is always a sad day, but gives you that much more time to keep up on maintenance. One of the best ways to keep air out of your front brake system is to use a FOFF LOCK on your front brake lever, keeping it pressurized. Then come next riding season you won't have to worry about squishy brakes or bleeding the air from your brake line.

FOFF Locks are perfect for that afternoon cruise and when you want to stop for a bite to eat and not worrying about that trailer that just pulled up beside your unattended bike. 

Stops embarrassing falls - Unlike disc locks, you can't forget it's in place, no bending, no disc dirt or street grime.

Most motorcycle insurance companies frequently offer discounts on rates for having anti-theft devices.

Key not required to lock.


Contact us for custom engraving.

Your name, company logo etc.

Actually looks great on my bike. I bought a silver and blends in with all my chrome.


Very well made. Strength and durability and looks great.

Tyler Joshua

Love it. Bought 2, one for my bike and wife's scooter. She loves she can now park on our sloped driveway.

I used mine on my buddies bike so he couldn't drive under the influence. Game changer.

Tom Ellul


...Its Made In Canada

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